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What We Do

BCK Homestay is a division of BCK Alliance Inc that bridges International Students (who are studying in the US) with American  families.  This connection requires dedicated staff understanding both the needs of the students and host families. 

BCK Homestay manages all the logistics, paperwork and communication between the student, student's family, host family and school.   

Why Host?

Opening up  your home to host a student can be a unique, rewarding and educational experience for the whole family! Hosting is a wonderful opportunity for a rich cultural exchange for your family, as students will share their own culture and language while learning about family life in the USA.  

With BCK Homestay you can become a host family and be an integral part of our student’s experience abroad and benefit from broadening your cultural experience for everyone in the family. 

Benefits of Hosting:

  • A lifelong international bond of friendship

  • Receive supplemental income from the comfort of your home

  • Help make a student's dream come true

About BCK

Our founder Bin studied abroad at her youth and lived in three countries, she has experienced a home-stay adventure and found it was a great way of immersing in the culture and bonding with the locals.

After settling in NJ, it is Bin’s passion to carry on this multi-culture experience with others by helping students as they go on their own journey abroad.  She is not only hosting students in her own home, but also has expanded this opportunity to other families in the community so that they can lend their expertise and help students adjust to American life.

Our multilingual staff are comprised of highly educated professionals with multi-culture heritage, we are here to connect students and families and provide dedicated services.   


We open our door and the world opens to you!

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