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Who do we provide services for? 

  • High School Students

  • College Students

  • Short term visitors

What is our service for students? 

•    Help with the application process to school
•    Find host family with pre-screening background
•    Help student settle in (Set up banks, phones, airport pickup arrangements, medical insurance, finding doctors, barbers, Asian/International supermarkets)
•    Group Events (Past events include cooking challenge, cherry blossom festival)
•    Provide parents with reports of student’s academic and life with host family
•    School visits and Home visits 

Provide customized service tailored to students needs such as: 

Why Us? 

  • Experienced Experts.  We have many years of placing students with host families and our aim is to have a seamless transition for both the student and host family.

  • Tri-lingual. Our primary coordinator is fluent in Chinese/English/Japanese

  • Local.  We understand key areas for students extremely well, these include safety, community, and culture

  • We partner actively with local high schools and colleges.

For more information, please complete the Inquiry form here. ​

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